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Hulet, Melinda L.
Hulet, Melinda L.
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Hulet, Melinda L.

Date of Death: February 1, 2017

Service Details
A memorial celebration of her life will be held at the funeral home on Friday, February 10, 2017, beginning at 11:00 AM, with a visitation one hour prior to the service beginning at 10:00AM. Interment at Mt. Ever-Rest Memorial Cemetery.

Age 51, passed away at home surrounded by her loving family. Melinda was born in Kalamazoo on November 9, 1965 the daughter of Albert and Sylvia Terry. At a young age Melinda met and fell in love with her husband David Hulet. They united in marriage on March 31, 1983. They remained in the Kalamazoo area and together raised a wonderful family. Melinda was a hard worker and dedicated wife, mother, grandmother and sister. She was an avid reader and could often be found under the shade of a tree with book in hand. She also enjoyed taking motorcycle rides and karaoke with friends. Above all Melinda loved spending time with her children and grandchildren. She leaves her family and friends with many wonderful memories to cherish. She is survived by her husband; four children, David II, Joshua, Daniel Hulet, Amber (Jerry) Engman; eight grandchildren; mother; siblings, Barbara, Randell, Charles, Michael, Rebecca; brother-in-law, Robert (Michele) Hulet; many nieces, nephews and friends. She was preceded in passing by her father and a son, Anthony Hulet.

Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice Care of S.W. Michigan, c/o the funeral home.
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19 comments on article "Hulet, Melinda L."

Daniel Hulet

I love and miss you mama. Its gonna be hard knowing that I can't call and talk to you or leave messages on your phone and coming to visit you. You were my true best friend and I thank you for raising a good son and I know your not in pain or suffering. You were my mentor and I will cherish all the memories I have with you. I love you mom, love your baby boy Daniel.

Jody Lawrence

I am so glad I meet you in school. We had so much fun together. I got a friend for life out of it. I'm gonna miss you, but I know your not in pain and at peace. That will make this a little easier. You are going to be missed by so many people that you have touched in your life. Rest in Peace my dear friend.

Konney Blink

Linny was one of the bravest women I know....I loved her so dearly and will miss her greatly........I will always remember sharing so many laughs......her kind heart.....her beautiful smile......She is now at peace..surrounded by so much love... The whole family is in my thoughts <3

Joshua Hulet

I love you mom, and I am glad that we were able to discuss future hopes and dreams while you were alive. It gives me goals to look forward to, which are exciting, happy and beneficial. As you stated about remembering the good times. I'll be able to live and coexist with you in my thoughts and living habits. You loved to read, and I love to write. Hopefully I get this book I have been working on published, and possibly more books after. I'll read them to the wind in hopes you hear the words.

Ashlee Duncan

Melinda i will miss you

David Hulet

I love and miss you every day Miss your voice and laughter your company but glad that all your pain is gone and that you are now with the children we lost and now they get the chance to feel the love you have for them rest in peace my wife until we are together again love you always

Amber Engman (Hulet)

There isn't a day that goes by that I or your grandkids think of you, you were a warrior in this fight of Cancer you were still as beautiful e'en in the hectic battle, your such a strong, intelligent, caring, and so much more of a woman than any woman I know, I am happy to be your daughter, and to raise a daughter of my own to be as strong as you and I!!!! I love you mama and we'll meet again later in life!!!! I love you Always n Forever your Baby girl!!!!

will smith

very sorry to hear about my cousin,wish i could have known her,would like to have told her about the times her dad come to see me and my wife,love cousin will,from georgia

Jacob Hulet

I love my grandma. I think it will not be the same with out her. Since I was in 3 grade I have been getting stuff for her.she told me that I was her favorite grandchild. When I went to school I would say I love her she would say I love you too. She adopted me when I was 4. She was more of a mom to me then my real Mom. I am 9 years old.

ashlee Duncan

To my cousin's and others i know i know. What you are feeling i lost my dad last march and i miss him so much melinda you were truly loved and will be missed by so many πŸ’˜ you and miss you til we meet in heaven. Please take care of my πŸ‘΄ and πŸ‘΅ for me rip love ashlee Duncan


There are no words that can describe the pain felt when you lose someone you love. Sometimes it feels unbearable. It's still so hard to believe that you are really gone. I know you are in a better place, but I am selfish and want you here with me. I am truly going to miss all the fun stuff we used to do together. I will especially miss our long talks. I am just going to miss you period. I love you lady. I am and always will be your girl. Until we meet again I love you!

David Hulet

It's been a couple of weeks now and I miss you every day the pain is deep I know it is supposed to take time I sit around all day thinking of your smile your laugh conversation hearing you say I love you I love you too and always until we are together again

Amber Engman

Mama it's been a month today since you went to be with the Lord above, there's not a day that goes by I don't think of you, Abel & and Madison miss you also and says I love you, I know your watching down on us and laughing or at us or with us or yelling at us but I love you so much mama will be up to visit your grave site soon, haven't been up their since we put your ashes to rest :-( but will visit real soon and have a drink with you to share, we love you mom Always n forever til my last breath.( Amber )

Amber Engman

It's been almost two months since you went to be with God and today is a sad knowing that it's your Wedding Anniversary, we miss you very much, not a day goes by we don't think of something you've said or done to make us laugh. There is so many things that we can recall of you saying and it reminds us of how much we miss you dearly ❀ We love you Mom ( Grandma )

Amber Hulet

It's been a little over 3 months since you've passed and all I can say is I hurt like hell. Mother's day was the 14th and it just wasn't the same without bringing a gift for you to show you our appreciation for being our mom, and since I can't, I bought Amanda the shampoo and conditioner in order from for Mother's Day ❀ she really enjoyed it and I am happy and overjoyed about it, i do have her as someone to talk to and dad too and hopefully we'll be work out partners too. I really appreciate all you have done for me I could never repay what you and Dad have done for me and my kid's, which Abel says he loves you everyday and tells you goodnight as I do also. But I love you mama always and until my last breath ❀

Daniel Hulet

Hi Mama just wanted to say that I love and miss you so very much.. nothing is the same with out you here here to talk to or hear you laugh and hear you good advise sometimes we don't listen cause we gotta learn the hard way but hear your voice was always a good sign cause you were an inspiration to everybody and you could light up a whole city with your laughter and I know everybody misses you and loves you, but I miss you more cause I was a Mama's boy and you were always there when I needed you to be and I miss you dearly and I love you Mom even though I know you won't read this cause there isn't any internet or any other technology in heaven so I will put this here for everybody else to read.. I love you Mom and I'm hurting everyday cause I know your not here phisically but you are in my heart and mind constantly.. I love you Mama. We will meet again soon. Love always your baby boy Danny😒😒😒😒

Amber Engman

Mama, it's been 7 months since you went to be with God, nothing ever is the same without hearing your voice, seeing your face and giving you hugs and kisses, being able to talk to you whenever wanting to or needing too, I know your watching down on your kids and Grandkids, The holiday's are coming up and I don't even feel like celebrating, I know you wouldn't want it that way but seeing your face light up when we'd decorate the house and Windows was so much fun to me, I can't help but be lonely without you here, yes I have my kids, Jerry and dad and Amanda but you've ALWAYS been my go to person when I needed someone to talk too...but I love you Mom ALWAYS and Forevermore ❀

Amber Hulet

Happy Birthday in heaven Mama, it's been 9 months since you went to be with the Lord in heaven but I mostly wanted to let you know the kids and I miss and love you dearly, I know your watching all your Grandbabies grow, laugh and play. My favorite video from two years ago came across my memories timeline with Abel playing in the leaves and he was giggling and running around, hearing your voice and the laughter between mama and Abel brings joy to me, but leaving this short. I love you Mom love Always Your Baby Girl ❀😘

David Alan Hulet

It's been a year now baby I miss you so much missing you more every day thinking of you always. Love you always your husband David

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